Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

VRF Air Conditioning is an Engineered Air Conditioning Solution, which is commonly used in homes where there is not sufficient ceiling space to locate a ducted air conditioning system and all of the required duct work.
VRF is also used in homes where the end user desires a superior level of comfort and control.

  • Multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit
  • Minimal space required; units can be located in bulkheads or dropped ceilings
  • High levels of control and efficiency
  • Aesthetically pleasing linear grilles used on Bulkhead Units
  • No need for dropper ducts to condition a multi level home
  • Different styles of indoor units available; Bulkhead, Wall Mounted, Ducted and Cassette Units


VRF Systems are an engineered air conditioning solution, which can be used in applications such as apartments, architecturally designed custom built homes, light commercial and commercial applications. Multiple indoor units of various styles can be connected to a single outdoor unit, each having individual control, providing a superior level of comfort, control and efficiency.

Single Outdoor Unit Connected to:

  • Concealed Bulkhead Indoor Units
  • Low Profile Ducted Indoor Units
  • Mid - High Static Ducted Indoor Units
  • Wall Mounted Indoor Units
  • Cassette Indoor Units
  • One way Cassette indoor units

There are a broad range of VRF outdoor units available. Single fan mini VRF outdoor units come in a range from 8kW - 15.5kW that are ideal for apartments, as well as free standing home applications.

A Heat Recovery VRF System has the ability to have multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit that allows these indoor units to simultaneously run on both heating and cooling. For large homes and commercial applications there are Heat Pump and Heat Recovery VRF solutions ranging from 22.4kW - 180kW in a single system.

VRF Systems will be priced on application.