Multi-Head Systems

A multi system allows a number of indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. These indoor units can be wall mounted, bulkhead, concealed ducted systems or cassettes.

Multi systems can be used in houses, town houses and apartments, and are a good alternative for residences that do not have space for a ducted system and provide a high level of comfort and control.


Multi-head air conditioning systems are ideal where individual air conditioning units are required in more than one room, for example one for the bedroom and one for the living area.

With the ability to connect one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, all of which can be individually controlled. Multi-head Split systems offer a space saving and cost effective solution for heating and cooling multiple rooms in apartments and small homes.

Single Outdoor Unit Connected to:

  • Concealed Bulkhead Indoor Units
  • Low Profile Ducted Indoor Units
  • Mid Static Ducted Indoor Units
  • Wall Mounted Indoor Units
  • Cassette Indoor Units
  • One way Cassette indoor units

Multi-head Systems will be priced on application.